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A January 2015 survey by the regulator found internet access is still very expensive for both rural and urban users.[8] Limited access to electricity further impedes access to ICTs.

The national electricity distributor reports a customer base of just over 650,000, most of whom are located in urban areas,[9] and alternative power sources, such as fuel-powered generators and solar energy, are very costly.

A popular opposition Facebook page was taken down in January 2015 for breaching Facebook’s terms of service; its members suspect government trolls may have been responsible.

There have been no reported incidents of government efforts to block or filter internet content since April 2011, when the national regulator issued a directive to ISPs to temporarily block citizens’ access to Facebook and Twitter in response to the “walk to work” protests over rising food and fuel prices.

There is a general perception, however, that comprehensive and coherent information about the commission’s operations is not always accessible, and that the body is not entirely independent from the executive branch of the government.