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Everything that has happened is wrong, and nothing is the way it should have been written for them. This is the story of one such hit and how it effects everyone around them.

Tony and Ziva were not meant to be separated from each other. A oneshot in the perspective of Tim Mc Gee, set in the aftermath of Past, Present, Future. A short one-shot about a certain team member who is struggling to see a way out of the darkness. This is a rewrite for my previous work of fiction, "Russian Roulette." During a team training exercise the team realize not everything is clouds, puppies and rainbows for their senior field agent.

In Alex's hectic life she finds peace in the least expected place. the five must learn to love, live, and build what was left behind. Note: On limited posting schedule because of school and lack of internet.

Who would have though she would find everything she had been looking for in a rundown building owned by a mute old man who always smelled like honey and jasmine tea. When April and Andy find out one of their friends is dying, they do whatever they can make sure Leslie spends the remainder of her days doing the things she always wanted to do before her time expires. Tony misses Ziva so much, but even more so since she stopped contacting him.

When Mary suddenly passes away, Rhoda knows she must gather her former colleagues and friends. Follow this not-really sad adventure as it progress through the coming months to find out what happens. He knows something's wrong, but can't figure it out.