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We have even identified petfriendly wine cellars and wine farms.

In addition, we list pet products and travel accessories; pet services like doggy day care centres, dogwalkers, grooming parlours, pet spas, kennels and catteries; as well as dog trainers, animal behaviourists and animal healthcare practioners, both traditional and alternative.

There are opportunities to reduce the impacts of rumble strips on other road users by adjusting dimensions and location.

This section explores information about how to accommodate all road users with effective rumble strip design and implementation.

The following contain information related to the effects of rumble strips on motorcyclists: Where corridors carry a significant volume of truck traffic, designers can take into account both the applicability of the warning properties of rumble strips to trucks, and the appropriate placement within the pavement cross-section.

magine a world where you don't have to leave them at home; where you can plan an outing, a day trip, a weekend away, a mid-week break or an end-of-year holiday that not only includes your beloved pets but actually caters for them!

Coordination with local bicycling organizations is highly recommended when developing policies and projects.