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For example, people on the spectrum allegedly (a) talk forever without pause about their favorite topic; (b) say things in conversation that are inappropriate, divergent or tactless; (c) respond violently to frustrating situations; (d) fail to read others’ standard body language; (e) are not good at small talk, especially intimate bantering; (f) dislike establishing eye contact; and (g) can’t do things that require social interaction …just to name a few.

The truth is that SOME Aspies have SOME of these traits.

I have only one purpose in calling my Aspergers a disability and that is to get the medical, mental, and financial, help I need (which I can't get if there is "nothing wrong with me"). He definitely has aspergers and was diagnosed at a young age.

The only reason for that is having finally fallen apart (long long term Autism burnout) from having been forced into the life of a neurotypical since my birth.• Anonymous said… Thank God for people like him, because we surely have plenty of problems that need solved.• Anonymous said… In his heart he cares about people, wants to be a wonderful, providing husband/stepfather, and he is doing just that. My 23 yr old is funny, and loves her cats like they were her children. And different ways of solving problems.• Anonymous said…

On one hand I have frequent nightmares and can get overwhelmed by too much perception coming in all at once. I just wish he could apply that single-minded focus to cleaning the house. My partner displays only 1 out of 10 of your positive traits but displays all of the stereotypical negative traits.• Anonymous said… I've read some really awful things about how people treat their Aspie partners. People on the outside are quick to notice what is perceived as a difficulty. Similar for me - once I realised I didn't have to follow the social norms with my partner, I found I liked being free of them myself! This is similar to what I said recently, if I had the choice I would choose to be an aspie every time• Anonymous said… Um, I’m 24 years in, 5 children and yes, some of that has been really hard. There's many wonderful things i can and do say in regard to my friend but nothing positive comes to mind re the moments i understand as Aspergers..will stay tuned to this post in hope that there is something.