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(March 2012) Balcombe, Saint Andre Durand - pioneer Indian agent and newspaper editor of Omaha.

(July 2009) Balloon Ascension at Cushman Park, 1890 (July 2004) Band Music - at Nebraska State Fair, 1888 (August 1998) Banking in Nebraska Territory (September 2002) Barbour, Erwin H.

(July 2011) Beauty Hints (July 2003) Beauty Hints for the Honeymoon Beauty in England - Praise for Beauty, a Durham shorthorn raised in Nebraska and shipped to Britain to promote the state. - early Nebraska legislator (December 1996) Bentley for President, 1896 (July 1996) Bergstrom, Olof (January 2001) Bernhardt, Sarah, in Omaha (August 2003) Bessey, Charles E.

(April 2009) Bedbugs - This anonymous lament of a sufferer from bedbugs appeared in the Omaha Daily Bee in 1891. - UNL professor of botany and horticulture voted into Nebraska Hall of Fame in 2007.

(February 2007) Cass County Fair, 1861 - "Female Equestrianism" was the highlight of the event, according to the Nebraska Farmer in November 1861.