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Zach Hill, de la web de citas Adult Dating, explicó que “esconderse detrás de la ‘pantalla’ de un celular hace que la invitación a salir sea menos intimidante.El éxito de El Aro (2002), remake de la cinta japonesa Ringu (1998), abrió las puertas a un sinfín de versiones occidentales de películas asiáticas, para aquel público estadounidense con fobia a leer...

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Believe me kid, if God existed he wouldn't have created you.

If you check out the lyrics of MMMbop it's pretty much about being forever alone.

In 8th grade this prospect was easily remedied by playing 7 minutes in heaven.

As an adult, registering for JDate is about the best we can do.

Belting this out with all your sorority sisters was probably one of the best nights of your college life. Sooner or later you are going to have to move out of that studio apartment.