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In 2011, other counties oversaw 178 cases involving Kent residents hospitalized elsewhere, and conducted 142 hearings on those cases.

In 2011, Kent County Probate Court oversaw 839 cases involving residents of other counties hospitalized here, and conducted 247 hearings on those cases, none of which is reflected in Kent's SCAO case load statistics.

These include Petitions for Protective Orders, which are typically one-time requests for the Court to allow or approve some action, such as approval of a settlement or a Trust.

They also include various civil actions, where one party is suing another party.

He is a chapter author of Michigan Probate Litigation: A Guide to Contested Litigation, 2nd Ed., a contributor to the Michigan Probate Benchbook, associate editor of Inter-Com, a journal publication of the Michigan Probate Judges Association and was a contributor to the drafting of the Michigan Trust Code.