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While the title track received some attention, Lopez's personal life generated more media interest: Once known for her revealing fashions, Lopez started wearing loose-fitting tops, creating speculation about whether she was pregnant.

Many photos of her seemed to show a "baby bump," but the official announcement didn't come until November 7, 2007. The baby boy and girl were the first children for Lopez, and the fourth and fifth for Anthony.

Shortly after that breakup was made public, Lopez began dating Cris Judd, a dancer who appeared in the video for her hit single "Love Don't Cost a Thing." After much media speculation, the couple announced their engagement in August 2001 and were married in late September. In the fall of 2002, the star began dating actor Ben Affleck; they announced their engagement in November.

Following rumors of the relationship's demise, the couple broke up in early 2004.

The battle took its toll on everyone and RCA’s David Sarnoff brilliantly marketed this invention to the public and became known as the father of television -- while Philo T. Experimental broadcast television began in the early 1930s, transmitting fuzzy images of wrestling, music and dance to a handful of screen.


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    He’s also appeared on the covers of English comedian and actor Stephen Fry, 57, married self-styled comedian Elliott Spencer, 27, in a quiet ceremony in Norfolk on January 17th.

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    A PL/SQL Web application can dynamically create complex DHTML that would be tedious to produce manually.

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    Die ganzen Klamotten sind einfach überteuert und das mit den festen Freunden ist einfach unlogisch. Technologies that enable live chat have evolved for the better. ¡Gracias a todos por su continuo apoyo y esperamos verlos el martes! But is it possible to save the picture or video FROM the chat TO your device so it can be shared on other apps?

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    He pulled down the front of her top revealing swaying mounds of her tits and she tried to smash the glass on his head.