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"These songs [on Back to Black] are more accessible than the tracks on Frank, as jazz is quite elitist. I've been listening to '60s bands and girl groups and it came out in the writing on Back to Black." She cited the Velvelettes (mistaken for the Velvet Underground by the British tabloid) and the Shangri-Las as two of the groups who influenced her writing, adding, "There's a lot of bands which are '60s-influenced at the moment, but I guess I'm the only girl doing it."2.Mark Ronson wrote the music for Back to Black's title track the night after he met Winehouse.

Soul mates who come together from different walks of life to form an unstoppable dynamic duo, capable of magical things they couldn’t achieve without the other. Although the two old souls shared song credits a few times, Winehouse’s world-shattering death in 2011 concluded the pair’s brief but strong bond before they truly got to know one another.

In the music industry, these mutually beneficial relationships rarely last, but when they do, the results can form a union that impacts its surroundings substantially. The sad part is, that’s exactly what was happening during the singer’s final months.

The latest spat may yet be patched up just as quickly.

At 6am this morning, a contrite Winehouse posted on her Twitter page: "ronson i love you; that make it better?

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