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Continue reading: Kristin Cavallari Reveals How She Lost Post-Pregnancy Weight: "I'm A Freak About What I Put In My Mouth"Kristin Cavallari is now a proud mother of two.

The reality TV star gave birth to her second child on Wednesday (May 7th).

Not comprising her ethical stance for ‘good’ television paid off and Lauren is now more successful than ever.

She’s written a series of novels aimed at young adults as well as becoming known as a bona fide beauty guru.

Sure, Kristin will have to feed, bathe, and shuttle her three kids around alone, but there's an expiration date on her arrangement. Kristin points out she has her mother-in-law and an amazing nanny and "couldn't do it without them." On that point, I agree with her — single parents need help. In fact, my dad is watching my son all day today while I'm at work because it's the last day of summer vacation. Sometimes I twist and turn with anxiety just thinking about how I'm the only one responsible for the human in the next room.