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Between the two benches is a hut with a large feast of pizza, beer and brownies, which causes both tribes to salivate at the sight. motions to Russell to "hang in there." Host Jeff Probst is stunned to find that the Villains have brought their entire camp with them, and tells them to drop their"¦expectations.

The Heroes are shocked that Boston Rob was voted out, which leads them to believe that there is a woman's alliance taking over the Villains tribe. The Villains groan in disappointment, but vow to win the much-needed food reward.

So, which five players comprised the minority and did NOT place in the top five in a prior season? James placed 6th in "China" and 7th in "Micronesia".

Jerri placed 8th in "Australia" and 10th in "All-Stars".

In episode two, Rob Mariano collapsed in the jungle while scavenging with Jerri.