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Some referrals require insurance preauthorization and cannot be processed immediately.

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Acas emphasises that in general, the only services it charges for are in relation to larger companies, for mediation, specific training or one-off projects tailored to their needs.

Acas information about this scam and what employers who have been targeted should do is at Acas has a series of step by step guides intended specifically for employers thinking about taking on their first member of staff, or small and medium employers "who may have had a bumpy experience managing staff for the first time".

For information about the legal update website for voluntary organisations, disclaimers and other sources of updates, see the legal update website home page.

The five pages that make up the legal update website are Employment & volunteering, Equality & human rights, Legal structures & charitable status, Risk, funding, finance & property, and Activities & services (everything else: health & safety, safeguarding, data protection, intellectual property, marketing, and more).

We require three business days for the processing of routine referrals.