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• Waltz Above the West Side - Traipse hand-in-hand along the High Line, the beautiful train-track-turned-public-park perched above Manhattan's streets.Tour the refreshing gardens with a certified horticulturalist or simply stroll the walkways and overlooks at your leisure.To find out the absolute best among a lot of apps and websites it took some research on our part.

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Well, at least it will show you the path to finding your soul mate, and the rest depends on you.

Keeping that in mind, on our list, we will share with you a few websites/apps that we think are the best out there for hooking up with singles.

New York City dwellers are lucky enough to live in the very place that millions of people across the globe only dream of visiting.

Our iconic city is the ultimate backdrop for romance: we boast the bright lights of Broadway, soaring heights of the Empire State Building, masterful brushstrokes of The Met, and echoing cracks of Yankee Stadium baseball bats.

New York City is a great place to look for a potential mate online.