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She makes him a deal: if he testifies against his daddy he gets immunity. Something is wrong when Nurse Elizabeth Webber has a nicer crib in Port Charles, New York than a bunch of Wisconsin area cosmetics moguls.

Victor goes on trial for conspiracy to commit murder. Call up Steve Kent and tell him to cough up some stacks so this show can stop looking so cheap!

Victor is arrested again and Kevin gets community service for helping Chloe flee, just in time to go to the local LGBT bar with Mariah. Jack takes out a loan against his Jabot stock to buy up Newman shares. When the shares plummet, this leads to an SEC investigation.

Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom) returns to town, now working for the SEC, and goes after Nick.

Speaking of the sex trafficking ring/tech incubator/dating app/Partridge in a pair tree arc. Cricket Blair mentioned wanting her nephew Scotty to investigate a sex ring months ago, then we didn't hear anything else about it until Sharon went down to volunteer at the Help Center with Helen and Weezy on and started taking calls from day player teen hookers. Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) is really cute but he lacks the gravitas to be at the center of a love triangle featuring Hilary and Lily. Khalil could be epic but they need someone with more bad-assery to fight over.