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If you're new to the EFI world, though, most of the techniques you may know for helping with BIOS-mode booting don't apply to EFI-mode booting.This page describes tools and techniques you can use to keep r EFInd set as your default boot manager, or at least to recover it as the default boot option if something else takes over.A firmware for this machine can be downloaded from the Internet to update the machine firmware.

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When the firmware updating process has been completed, this machine reboots automatically.

In the administrator mode, select [Network] - [Internet ISW Settings] - [Firmware Update Parameters], then configure the following settings.

You can keep using the machine as usual while downloading a firmware.

However, you cannot use this machine while updating the machine firmware.

On Macs, holding the Option key (or Alt with a PC keyboard) brings up the Mac's boot manager.


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