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It doesn’t help that Apple has provided zero documentation on how the scan credit card feature works. The scan credit card feature is a subset of browser functionality that web developers have long ignored: autofill.It’s understandable why web developers haven’t paid much attention to autofill.One type of token is called the autofill field names.

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When you’re filling out forms with test data on a regular basis, autofill tends to get in the way.

But autofill is an important feature for our users.

For example, one of the autofill field names is The HTML5 specification has a great table listing all 53 possible autofill field names, what their intended use is, and what type of input must be used with it.

That’s autocomplete at its simplest, but it gets more powerful and a bit more complex.

Google has found that “users complete forms up to 30% faster” when using autofill.