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He shotguns Candy’s crew and heads to the town that the outlaws have taken over. Even though Domingo doesn’t speak with an accent, he has clipped English. She “keeps the accounts, she’s an expert, she’s learning from the priest.” She is also in charge of cleaning up the women, stripping them in their cells and dumping buckets of water on them. Agneta Eckemyr plays Pilar, the bride that Candy snags as "his woman." Eckemyr would make the cover of Playboy in October 1975 and go on to play Ming Chow in the Fistful of Yen segment of the classic cult comedy The duplicitous desperadoes drag out threats with posturing menace, they light matches from cigarettes to happy Mexican revelry and gusty dubbed laughter.

While the gang is entertaining the Mexican army with his wares, the Blindman gets the gang’s attention with well-timed rifle blast. Magda Konopka, who plays Sweet Mama, came from Polish nobility. The film has revolving dub artists, sometimes the actors are speaking, sometimes odd voices come out of their mouths.

One might just have to ignore the non-starter romance.

Without a white cane or other aids he feels his way through life, compensating his lack of ability to see by sharpening the remaining senses.

He graduates from a regular high school, finishes a training as a hotel clerk, studies hotel management und starts working as a waiter in a five-star hotel – without anyone realizing that he is practically blind.

Classic American Western director Raoul Walsh found a new frontier when he shot , starring Clint Eastwood, became an unexpected hit and spawned hundreds of Spaghetti Westerns.

European cowboys explored America’s Wild West without the puritanical constraints of tight-ass Hollywood filmmakers who wanted them to play in Middle America.

To his surprise, he gets accepted, all along doing everything he can to hide his condition from people around him.


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    The taxation authorities may communicate to the immigration authorities if the assignee has some taxes to be paid to the Taxation authority.

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