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I didn't really know who he was because everything that he had said to me, he'd just proven to be the complete opposite.

I've tried to explain that to people like of course I don't look the same. I told him to forget about it and I went upstairs and never came back down.

Kitaen — who turns 54 today — was probably best known as Tom Hanks’ fiancé in 1984’s and as the woman featured grinding on a car in the Whitesnake video, “Here I Go Again.” Kitaen was married to the lead singer of Whitesnake at the time, David Coverdale, who was like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, if Robert Plant had been brewed in a petri dish and the chromosome for actual musical talent had been removed.

Kitaen and Coverdale didn’t stay married for long, because this was the 1980s, and that’s just how things worked.

Featuring Louis Cato, drums; Scott Colley, bass; Gil Goldstein, keyboards; David Mansfield, mandolin; Armand Hirsch, guitar.