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The study of body movement, gestures, and facial expressions is known as kinetics.

The study of using touch as a part of non verbal communication, such as giving someone a high five, is known as haptics.

Also, knowing how to read others around her can make life easier. However, when feet shift back, under or curl around a chair leg, it means retreat, lack of confidence or fear. When you first shake hands with your dream-girl, notice her hand position. If her hand was palm up, she is giving you control.

If she turns your hand face up and hers face down, she is taking charge. If her hand extends far out with a locked elbow, she has not warmed up to you yet.

Hess) “ The Naked Face ” (article discussing the important of non verbal communication in police work) Facial Expression Resource Page (a listing of resources for facial expression research) Paul Ekman (home page of the father of facial action coding system) Exploring Non Verbal Communication (resource site at the University of California) Introduction to Non Verbal Communication (basic features on non verbal communication explained) “ Six Ways to Improve Your Non Verbal Communication ” (article about improving non verbal communications to help when teaching) The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals by Charles Darwin (first book written about non verbal communication) “ In Certain Circles, Two is a Crowd ” (New York Times article about proxemics, the study of personal space) Aspects of Non Verbal Communication (different categories of non verbal communication) “ The Power of Non Verbal Communication ” (Wall Street Journal/MIT article about non verbal communication) Using Body Language (site that lists the clusters of body language) Detecting Deception (how to know when someone is lying based on their body language) “ Flirting and Body Language ” (BBC article about non verbal communication and flirting) “ Body Language: What Mc Cain, Obama Reveal ” (MCNBC article about presidential candidates body language) Pheromones Importance in Flirting, Dating and Relationships (how smell can attract people) “ The Only Two Flirty Body Language Moves You Need to Know ” (Marie Clare article about flirting) Dating Service (Communication and relationships take practice, work on non verbal communication cues and flirting tips by getting out there with a dating service) “ This is Your Brain on Hand Gestures ” (UCLA Magazine article about hand gestures) Non Verbal Communication Theories (theories from Oregon State University) Types of Gestures (government page about gestures) The Truth Behind the Smile and Other Myths (about the myths of body language) Body Gestures and Their Meanings in Different Countries (what different gestures mean in different countries) “ Is Your Body Betraying You in Job Interviews?


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