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Every summer, the school organises performances and camps in 18 towns around the country.

But this isn’t the end of the line for Orhan Maslo; his next project is to create a mobile Rock School along with regular musical workshops around Mostar. Although some young people find their place in this school of rock, which is like a second home to them, many of their families and friends have a hard time understanding why.

Today, the school accepts 100 students each year from Mostar and other neighbouring towns.“Each school year is divided into five cycles,” Orhan explains.

“Before a new cycle, the groups are separated and re-grouped, so that everyone gets to meet and play music together.” Ethnic parity now depends on an individual’s musical taste.

With the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreements in 1995, the Catholic and Muslim populations migrated from one area of the town to another and the famous point connecting the East with the West was nothing more than a debris of bricks brought in by the current.