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It’s really exciting to finally see our food be considered a class of food and to have people from all over the world come to eat Newfoundland food.”The next day I sit at the downstairs bar of Chinched Bistro on Queen Street watching co-owner Michelle Le Blanc infuse a cocktail with partridgeberry preserves—a delicious Newfoundland take on the cosmo.She tells me instructors at the Culinary Institute of Canada are encouraging students to take their training in Newfoundland, such is the foodie renaissance.Take Bacalao, already turning heads for its hyper-local cuisine.

These are the words representing the mantra of this website.

The articles I post here primarily focus on fitness & nutrition as well as on relevant hacks related to lifestyle and self-improvement.

But there’s other factors that are equally relevant on your quest to become your best self.

If you are a young man and are transitioning into real male adulthood, you have to develop competencies in things like building solid male/female relationships, being socially intelligent, developing a witty business mind, understanding your own belief system, advancing your own self-actualisation etc.

He never fails to assemble a great speaker line-up who have greatly influenced my own personal beliefs.