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Earlier today while driving out East on Long Island I stopped to fill my tank with gas, and at the station, all the pumps had the usual Regular, Mid, Premium on one pump, but on the 2nd pump which typically holds Diesel, there was a sticker for Racing Fuel.

The button for the fuel indicated a 100 Octane level, whereas the Premium was 93.

After seeing this, my main question isn't to ask about Premium vs.

Regular octane levels, but rather I'm curious about if such fuel is safe to use in your typical stock engine on a passenger car, and in addition whether this "Racing Fuel" has anything more than extra octane because I know Sunono Super Premium is typically 10-20 cents higher than premium.

The added lead increased the octane value of the fuel which gave the engineneers of old a better way to control the combustion rate in the internal combustion engine.