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"It is hoped that the information obtained from these tags will provide the first data on where adult speartooth shark live, with this data critical to obtaining a better understanding of threats to this endangered species," CSIRO researcher Dr Richard Pillans says in a news release.Scientists originally identified the species in in the 19th century; it was not seen again until 1982, when another juvenile specimen was caught.

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Although, you cannot install cameras in bathrooms or private spaces like your nanny’s bedroom. An important caveat to note here is that hidden cameras are only acceptable if they record video.

A number of states don’t allow you to record audio of your nanny, au pair, or babysitter without their knowledge.

You can use generators that mash up random numbers, letters, and characters to make virtually unbreakable passwords.

You can also do it yourself by choosing a password with at least 15 characters, upper and lower case type, symbols, numbers, and punctuation.

Researchers working with the federal research agency CSIRO outfitted each shark with a satellite tag that tracks water temperature and depth.


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