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He basically kissed the collective ass of the network and begged them to treat him as good as they treated Candiace and to increase the time of his segments.However before he could continue, the network cut to a commercial. Seeing as how wrestling was still somewhat popular and seeing how as celebrity involvement had always seemed to work, Nickelodeon had WWE chairman, Vince Mc Mahon and Former 38th President of the United States and World Heavyweight Champion/WWE Supreme Ruler/Demi God, Triple H.

At first people got lost in his entire rant that they didn't quite catch on what the hell Antonio was so pissed off about, but then they realized it was yet another one of his long complaints about how Nick unappreciated the Latino community.

Here's a small and understandable segment of his near 20 minute rant.

The show had become so watered down, boring, vulgar, and included so many unscripted and explicit moments that it made WCW 's dying days look like good television.

Nickelodeon made many attempts to bring the show back to it's former glory.

You know, I'm so sick and tired of those smile sipping bigots in the big office telling me I'm crazy.