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No, they were more than ready for the responsibility of marriage and family.

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Seminarian-watchers exist in droves, and unless you’re willing to descend on the faltering seminarian like he’s the last X-Box at a Black Friday sale, this probably is not the plan for you.

Which means that you end up stuck dating, and if you are a devout Catholic girl looking for a devout Catholic husband the odds are not in your favour.

Marriage is supposed to be a union for life, so you don’t want to get stuck with someone who isn’t right for you.” “You are a princess, the daughter of a King. What these personal testimonials miss, of course, is that for every one of these idyllic success stories there are a lot of wonderful Catholic girls praying and waiting and hoping for their turn. It’s more like musical chairs, with more backsides than seats, and as the game progresses the number of seats declines. This will be unpopular advice, but what about dating non-Catholics?

So keep yourself pure and holy, and sooner or later that pure and holy guy will come and sweep you off you feet.”To make things worse, you will find an endless supply of personal testimonial stories from girls who followed this advice, and it worked! I can’t help but notice that almost all RCIA classes include people who are coming to receive religious instruction because they are not Christian – but they want to marry a Catholic.

For years now, I’ve had an interested in World War II.