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Back at work, Jack is more cold to Ana after learning Christian is her boyfriend.

He reminds her to set up a meeting in New York between himself and other publishers, plus to get a room for herself since his assistant needs to be with him.

In Christian's room, Ana sees a picture of his birth mother, who slightly resembles Ana.

She wanted more from the relationship than Christian did, so they parted ways.

Leila got married to another man, but he later died in a car accident, leading to Leila having a breakdown.

Young Christian hides, but his father finds him and prepares to abuse him with his cigarette.

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) has found a new job at the publishing firm Seattle Independent Publishing as an assistant to her boss Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson). She is about to throw them out but decides to keep them.

In the bathroom, Elena approaches Ana and urges her to break it off with Christian before both of them get hurt. In the parking garage at Christian's home, he and Ana find that Ana's car has been vandalized.