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In the course of her work she met an Italian travel agent, married him, and vaulted gracefully over the Iron Curtain, moving to Rome.

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They met in 1987, and getting together seemed a brilliant career-move for both of them: she was 35, ready to crown her career as Italy's most celebrated porn star with a magnificently improbable liaison; while he, connoisseur of post-modern artworks of jaw-dropping vulgarity, who always teased, like Warhol and Gilbert and George, with the idea of knitting life and art in a seamless robe, now had a partner whose life, like his own work, was all on the outside.

The couple married in 1990, separated in 1992 and divorced six years later. A bitter and very expensive legal battle ensued, lasting 14 years and finishing yesterday, with a jail sentence for the woman who, as an Italian MP, once advocated sex for prisoners. La Cicciolina, which means approximately "cuddles", was born Ilona Staller in November 1952, "after a long stormy night" as she records on her website, in the poor section of Budapest where, exactly 50 years later, she would stand unsuccessfully for election as a Hungarian MP.

When it caught on, she took to applying it promiscuously to all the dirty-minded men who called in.

Finally the name stuck to her, "La Cicciolina", she of the pinchable pudenda, and a brand was born.

Today, La Cicciolina describes it as a natural and also enjoyable progression.