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Sue insists they are no different than anyone else and are diapered day and night at ages 6 and 8.

Sue does not want to deal with peed clothing, wet beds, wet furniture, and the additional work this would make for her and the staff.

She has Dale remove his shoes, socks, and pants then mom sits on his bed. ” mom demands, “then you become the baby you’re acting like.” Dale goes to mom and she lifts him up and over her knee.

Not only will he spend the summer in diapers, but he is about to get a spanking.

Mom comes in with a box and sets it on his dresser.

Only 2 children stay overnight, they are Sally age 6 and Stevie age 8.

All the other children are much younger, between 2 and 4 years old.

The daytime help is Mary and Grace, the women like to be referred to as Nannies.