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If you want, go ahead and compile it now and plug the raspberry pi into a monitor or television with a HDMI interface. As we’re now including new hardware into the mix it’s possible that your monitor or TV doesn’t support the resolution and colour depth that the example is hard coded to use.

It’s an example that’s designed to be simple rather than supporting every HDMI panel out there. I’m using an old Hanns-G HUD19 monitor with DVI-HDMI adaptor.

So we have access to each pixel on the screen and can change it’s colour properties.

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This tutorial shows how a 700MHz (or 900MHz) processor doesn’t give you carte-blanche to program in C and end up with an optimised output.

In this example there is no vertical sync used, we simply dedicate 100% of the ARM processor time to drawing the rectangle in video memory and then moving it one pixel before drawing it to the video memory again.

The ARM014 tutorial introduces a few new peices of the puzzle.

Firstly, as an aid to debugging now the code is getting more complex it introduces the mini UART which means we can have a basic “console”.

As we’ve bothered with the standard c library we can see how to tie the standard library functions like to the UART.