Chile dating marriage

While my friends and I having dinner are by no means a statistically comprehensive or relevant sample, it is interesting to note how common divorce seems to be in the Catholic country of Chile, especially considering it was still illegal as recently as 2005.

Since the new Chilean divorce laws in 2005, separation rates have almost quadrupled in Chile.

Having dinner with a few friends this past weekend in the city of Valparaiso, the common topic of our home lives with host families here in Chile came up yet again.

This particular discussion focused on the dynamic of our relationship to our host parents, and we noticed that of the six of us there together, only one had a host “dad;” the rest of us live in families with divorced single mothers.

The Secretary at the Department of Immigration also stated that a temporary residence visa in the family class is valid for one year, after which time the holder can apply for either an extension of the visa or for permanent residence (Chile 22 b).