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These include weapons, coins, jade pieces, bronze bells, gold ornaments, architectural pieces and ceremonial vessels.

The most interesting of these were displays that showed the weapons and military tactics that led to his conquering all Chinese rivals; and how the emperor standardized currency, weights, measures and writing, to unify China.

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The website of the Seattle's branch of the national Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association 中华会馆, locally known as CWBA, indicates that the organization came into being in 1915.

Community historian Douglas Chin dates it to the first decade of the 1900s.

I had to keep reminding myself that I was really there; that these warriors are really here.

The highlights, of course, are 10 life-sized clay figures unearthed from the first emperor’s mausoleum, including a general, an armored officer and soldier, archers, a cavalryman, a saddled horse, a charioteer, an official and a musician.

Those organizations include family name groups, often called clans, and regional origin groups.