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Mid rub, his phone rang and we all waited with bated breath as he finished a conversation with someone loud on the other end.

The girl (from Russia it emerged) was then instructed to lie down and Cokorda Rai got out a short stick, which he used to poke the insides of her toes. he was jabbing that tool hard into her flesh with intent.

I hear they might be making a movie of this one soon too, which would be amazing.

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I didn’t actually get anything done to me, but a guy we were with experienced a serious breakthrough with some emotional blocks and heart healing energies, and all the way back to Ubud the energy was high in the car. I wouldn’t hesitate to go and see him if there was anything wrong with me. Mending hearts and other motors There are fifty traditional healers in each district in Bali, compared to ten medical doctors.

I feel like some sort of weight has been lifted just by being in his presence for twenty minutes! As an esteemed balian, Cokorda Rai has developed a rather unique way of diagnosis and treatment for illnesses and Jen and I got to witness a session today on a raised platform in his compound surrounded by trees.

Even as I write this review months later, I still find myself recalling something we did or saw, and shaking my head and saying to myself..."wow! Once you go there, you will understand exactly what I mean.

We chose Tauck for a number of reasons: We decided to visit India after hearing from many other people who have been there, reporting that it was a fascinating experience, and different from many of their other travel experiences.

Lontar are written in Sanskrit, Old Javanese and Balinese and hold a series of mantras, incantations (spells of sorts) and some drawings.