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That is because instead of the extended network being on the 3rd nested table like it used to be, it's now on the 4th nested table, which messes up a LOT of layouts.

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The following is a list of them and I will try to keep it as current as possible.

If you are experiencing your meet section and/or friends section completely gone, to fix it, put the following at the end of your about me section, and at the end of your MEET section: Why?

This means you will not be able to put images into your captions anymore, and you will no longer be able to customize the look of your view more pictures page.

Last time this happened tho, Myspace changed it back, so only time will tell if this is a permanent change or not.

If you have codes would like to share or find any codes not working properly, you could send an email to [email protected], or drop a comment.