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Along with this molecular evidence, osteological and external diagnostic characters recognize West African torrent-frogs as distinct from other ranoids and provide strong support for the necessity of the recognition of a new family of frogs.

This is the only endemic vertebrate family occurring in the Upper Guinea biodiversity hotspot.

Both Maximum Likelihood (ML) and Bayesian Inference (BI) revealed two major clades in the superfamily Ranoidea (Figure Zhang et al.

[7]), and the globally distributed family Microhylidae.

We aim at resolving the higher-level phylogenetic relationships of the genus by including molecular samples of representatives of all African and Asian ranoids.

Furthermore, using micro-tomographic scanning and staining techniques, we examine the osteological and external morphological features to compare : 2002 bp] resulted in a topology consistent with recent large-scale phylogenetic studies [1,3,7].

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