Customs of dating around the world

There’s less focus on “defining” your relationship status.

For anyone who hates courtship via text, stay out of Oz — nearly half of Aussie men say it’s OK to ask a woman out this way, according to a survey in the Courier Mail.

The agency is operated by clerics and there’s not much time to “see where things go.” Those who use the service get three meetings, two of which are supervised.

If the couples mesh, they get a third meeting, after which they have one of two choices: marry or never meet again.

When a girl reaches 20 (for girls who have no intention to have careers) their family starts to look for their husbands who are financially solvent and much older.


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    A pal fights back saying, "Tommy is going to take the gloves off.

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    We love it if they do, but during the audition we don't really ask for that.