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You play your own, custom dad, who’s moving to a new area with his daughter, Amanda.

After his partner died, he’s been raising Amanda as a single father, and the two have a very close relationship.

Also, if you want to raise a woman who has a healthy attitude towards men, giving her one afternoon a month where she has to look pretty before she’s given treats? But there’s a bigger issue at play here than playing fast and loose with the concept of ‘dating’ and that’s the people who are queuing up to congratulate a man for spending some time with his kid. Do we see mothers getting 89 thousand Facebook likes for mopping up sick and doing the school run? What do we go nuts for fathers spending time with their kids?

Why do we call it ‘babysitting’ when a dad is active in childcare?

So by all means, spend some quality time with your children.


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