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Frank too, has remarried, and continues to be part of his children’s life. First agrees that compulsive sexual behavior is characterized by the same hallmarks as any addiction: escalation of behavior; loss of control; preoccupation and obsession; tolerance and withdrawal symptoms; and increasingly disastrous consequences.

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Daddy sex chat

Oh and I can’t lie, the big boobs are a massive bonus!

What has been your least favourite thing about me being pregnant?

So I thought that with the arrival of our baby being imminent, I’d do a mini interview with my husband to see this whole pregnancy and having a baby malarkey from his point of view.

I also really admire my husbands way of dealing with things; he’s very straight to the point and doesn’t sugar coat anything which is why I think we work well together. I knew from the first positive test you were absolutely pregnant but I did encourage you to do more tests, for your reassurance more than anything else (however when you did more than 10 tests I realised that was enough for anyones reassurance)!

What advice would you give to other expectant Dads? You get nervous over uncertainty and things you don’t have control over.