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Operating under the monikers Kitty Pryde and Kilo Kish, the two young women employ a sweet, sing-songy talk-rap style over synthy, provocative beats, and have gained their momentum more through Tumblr reblogs than You Tube views.

Both started their music careers on a whim: Kitty Pryde began rapping to entertain her friends; Kilo Kish would drop the odd rhyme or two over beers with her rapper roommate. Kish may agree, as she says in an interview with : “I’m still just kidding around which is kind of the point.” Their straightforward, intimate rhymes about everyday “girl” topics—feelings, relationships—are insightful and familiar.

(LIST: The Top 10 People Who Should Never Rap) Growing up in the blog age forces young upstarts like Pryde and Kish to operate in a constant mode of reflexive evaluation; both are self-deprecating, quick to point out that they don’t take themselves quite as seriously as everyone else does. Kish, originally from Orlando, Fla., comprises 1/3 of hip-hop crew Kool Kats Klub, and is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

In response to a long analysis a fan posted of her song “Justin Bieber,” Pryde writes: “mostly I was just talking about myself literally being obsessed with justin bieber but i mean this is cool too.” For Pryde—and Kish, too—it’s just a good time. Her rap name is a play off Atlanta rapper Kilo Ali.

Her voice is syrupy sweet without ever veering into the annoying or kitschy (“Her voice is just so girly—you can’t not like that voice. Her tone is both light as a feather and cuts like crystal, sounding innocent even through the occasional expletive.


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