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Those words must have been bellowing in Petrovich’s memory on the night that he deserted the Serbian army, fleeing the country.It was a flight to protect his life, and to protect other people from the killing he’d been tasked to do.Now it has an aeronautical façade, a vanity of bluish glass and a few too many right angles.

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He had begun to refuse orders that looked to him like he was simply going into villages to murder hundreds of people just because they were Muslims. Is not my job.” * * * For Petrovich, the self-imposed uniform is essential.

They were the kind of orders that make what Petrovich calls “bloody hands.” “I cannot do that,” he says. It has an effect on people, especially those up to no good.

He grew up in what was then the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a conglomerate of six republics on the Balkan Peninsula including Serbia, his motherland.

It was his dream to become a police officer, but his family preferred the prestige of the military.

This illusion is reinforced when library patrons address Petrovich as “Officer.” It’s an easy mistake, really.