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The primary appeal of men in this category in the eyes of women is usually a combination of their degree of career success, their level of social status, their amount of wealth, and their willingness to be financially generous with women.Consequently, many women will connect with men in this category just to exploit them financially for a number of weeks, months, years, or decades.In wrapping up, there are not too many true ‘benefits’ to a man remaining in this category indefinitely.

Men in this category will have an even more challenging time getting women to agree to engage in one or more episodes of short-term and/or non-monogamous casual sex.

Usually, the only time women will indulge in promiscuous and/or polyamorous sex with a man in this category is if that man offers to spend a significant amount of money on them or even offers to become their long-term ‘Sugar Daddy.’ Men in this category tend to verbally communicate with women in either a with women when they are single and unmarried, which never works out for them in the long-run.

These men will usually defer to their wives or long-term girlfriends, and generally allow their female companions to ‘wear the pants’ in the relationship and make the important decisions in the relationship.

Typically, men in this category were raised by a mother who was, on the positive end, very loving and physically affectionate …

The man in this category is usually college-educated, affluent, and very financially generous with women of interest.


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