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That made us quite excited about our future, but then [laughs] we split up. I can’t comment on that, but perhaps he misses the adulation, the buzz. Do you regret any of your fashion statements—the “no socks” rule, perhaps? What do you say to audiences that come to your shows expecting to hear just the hits? We’ve always had a great relationship, me and my dad. I don’t know why they are doing it, because we all get very healthy royalty checks every year—I know that for a fact—though it’s true I did write most of the tunes myself.

I still regularly tour America, but only the coasts. There’s no point in me travelling to Armadillo, or wherever the fuck it is, and playing to just 300 people. What are your thoughts on your 1970s peers: John Lydon, Elvis Costello, Mick Jones, Sting? Nostalgia has become a whole industry in itself at the moment, and I don’t like it. My audience probably knows me well enough by now not to expect just the big hits. We tried playing “Going Underground” once, and we just sounded like a cabaret act. Whether that’s true or not, it’s the carrot that draws me forward. Did that prevent you from indulging in reckless rock star behavior? Even as a kid, he’d take me for a drink round the workingmen’s clubs, so I’ve always been able to enjoy myself around him as much as I wanted. [Reaches for another cigarette] I never really did that many drugs, actually. The only time I ever really got into rap was back in the early ’90s, and bands like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Gang Starr. But when hip-hop acts start sampling Sting or Phil Collins, then I just don’t get it at all. Perhaps they miss the adulation, like every other old band that re-forms these days.

[Frowns] I don’t really consider any of them my peers, except Mick Jones, whom I still see. Having said that, we still do play old songs, even on this tour, and whenever we do, the room erupts. I couldn’t find the connection to the song that I once had. I personally couldn’t play the same songs every night for years and years. And he used to like a little tipple as well—or three… I smoked a bit of pot, and by the ’90s there was coke all around, but, no, I wouldn’t rack a line out in front of him. What’s your take on drummer Rick Buckler and bassist Bruce Foxton touring with a different singer as From the Jam?

Many of my true peers have passed on, like Joe [Strummer], while the rest have just sort of disappeared from view. Generally speaking, do rock stars know when their best is behind them? That’s not to say he didn’t know what was going on…. If people think I have a reputation, they are mostly basing it on what I was like 30 years ago, or perhaps 20.

He is a Muslim, Aziz, but he agreed with the sentiment—that God is mostly only there when we are in times of need—and at the end of the song, he starts to say it in Punjabi.