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1887 (JY.7.) inward cover from Gibraltar addressed to Rabat marked 'Via Tangier' and bearing Gibraltar 1d and 2d adhesives (somewhat faded colour) tied by 'A 26' duplex with weak GIBRALTAR cds alongside. £150.00NEW GUINEA (German Offices) - 1900 5pfg green PSC used at HERBERTSHOHE.

SG M33.1915 3ps grey adhesive of India overprinted 'I. £35.00NORTHERN NIGERIA - 1912 1d rate postcard use to UK used at NARAGUTA.1912 (DE.5.) use of picture postcard addressed to Scotland depicting 'River Niger Scene-No.41' bearing 1d adhesive tied by d/r NARAGUTA N. £120.00MAURITIUS - 1951 military 'BASE PAY OFFICE' use of postcard to UK.1951 (NOV.14.) military use of picture postcard addressed to UK depicting 'H. £40.00MOROCCO AGENCIES - 1887 scarce inward cover to RABAT from Gibraltar. D.' cover used locally at WELLINGTON.1899 (FE.2.) use of 'On Public Service Only' envelope addressed locally with black 'P. D./FREE' impressed stamp cancelled by WELLINGTON/N. Lucia bearing 1/2d 'badge of colony' adhesive tied ASCENSION with 'T' tax mark below with '30c' marked alongside in manuscript and with 1d and 2d 'Postage Dues' (SG D1 D2) applied in St. £125.00AUSTRALIA - 1924 4 1/2d violet on buff RPSE to UK used at BROKEN HILL. 1924 4 1/2d violet on buff registered postal stationery envelope (violet text) addressed to UK cancelled by BROKEN HILL/NSW cds dated 7. Some edge crumpling at right but a scarce first flight card with small message reading 'The war will soon be over'.

Independent Climate Change Email Review (UK) International Science Assessment Panel (UK) Pennsylvania State University (US) United States Environmental Protection Agency (US) Department of Commerce (US) copying thousands of emails and computer files, the Climatic Research Unit documents, to various internet locations several weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on climate change.

The story was first broken by climate change denialists Several people considered climate change "skeptics" argued that the emails showed global warming was a scientific conspiracy, that scientists manipulated climate data and attempted to suppress critics.

R./RURAL SERVICE/CYPRUS cancel with Limassol & Nicosia 20. £30.00CYPRUS - 1950 local cover used at ANOYIRA/GR/RURAL/SERVICE.1950 cover addressed locally beraing 1 1/2p (SG 155a) tied by ANOYIRA/GR/RURAL/SERVICE cancel with LIMASSOL & NICOSIA b/s's dated 10. Thomas' bearing additional 1/2d and 1d adhesives tied by 'A 91' duplex with neat s/r TORTOLA cds alongside dated MY.31.02. £120.00CEYLON - 1942 20c rate 'CENSOR UNIT J' cover to India.1942 (JY.16.) cover addressed to India bearing 5c (x4) adhesives tied by INDIAN SEC. £45.00CYPRUS - 1922 2 3/4pi blue on cream RPSE unused SPECIMEN. £45.00BRITISH LEVANT - 1908 80pa,4pi and 12pi overprints mint with horse shoe SPECIMEN applied. £65.00NYASALAND - 1898 1d 'cheque stamp' used on piece with TSHIROMO/BCA cds. £45.00BURMA - 1939 censor cover to USA used at RANGOON UNIVERSITY.1939 (NOV.2.) cover addressed to USA bearing Indian 1/2a green overprinted BURMA together with 3a violet tied by RANGOON UNIVERSITY cds and struck at left by violet triangular PASSED/CENSOR/3/RANGOON h/s. £35.00BURMA - 1940 censor cover to USA used at AMHERST.1940 cover addressed to USA bearing Indian 2a6p adhesive overprinted BURMA with 3ps (x2) and 6ps adhesives tied AMHERST and struck by violet triangular PASSED/CENSOR/7/RANGOON h/s on front.

£50.00JAMAICA - 1917 RED CROSS label 'Myers' local cover with 'War Tax' 1 1/2d used at TPO/JAMAICA.1917 (JY.11.) 'Fred Myers' cover addressed locally to Monetego Bay bearing 1 1/2d orange 'War Stamp' cancelled in conbination with 'Jamaica/Red Cross' label by T. £60.00CYPRUS - 1940 local cover used at ASGATA/ER/RURAL SERVICE.1948 cover addressed locally bearing 1 1/2p (SG 155a) tied by very fine ASGATA/E. VIRGIN ISLANDS - 1901 1d red-brown PSE uprated to St. H&G 1a.1901 1d red brown on cream laid paper postal stationery envelope (size b) addressed to a private at 'Barracks-St.

Mosher received a posting from the hacker complaining that nothing was happening and replied: "A lot is happening behind the scenes. Much is being coordinated among major players and the media. You will notice the beginnings of activity on other sites now.