Dating english candlesticks

1722 JAMES FRAILLON Sold A rare early English silver chamber stick (also known as a go to bed) with the solid design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date.

1722 BENJAMIN PYNE (1653-1732) Sold A delightful little antique silver taper stick of plain early design with baluster stem and raised hectagonal foot.

1740 BENJAMIN GODFREY Price £6,850 An excellent pair of early English antique silver candlesticks by the sought after maker Benjamin Godfrey. In the French Huguenot taste, each with a knopped baluster stem on spreading circular base and decorative border.

1750 WILLIAM GOULD Price £3,350 An excellent pair of antique sterling silver candle holders with shell corners and detachable sconces.

Prior to the 19th century, when the self-consuming wick was invented, it was essential to trim the candle wick which would otherwise burn itself out. 1703 RICHARD SYNG Price £9,950 A rare pair of early antique silver candlesticks dating from the reign of Queen Anne.


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