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Meanwhile, the wardens confirm for me that it is among the craggy outcrops below the peak of Kidsty Pike that England's last eagle likes to perch and can often be viewed from the RSPB hide nestled on the valley floor.

Had I arrived earlier, I hear, I could have watched him soar, his 7ft wingspan reduced to a vanishingly tiny speck amongst the lofty wisps of trailing cirrus clouds.

I stopped instead at the Golden Eagle Hotel on the lakeshore on my way home. " I asked the woman behind the bar."Oh yes, there are plenty of folks who come looking for Eddy," she said, but then confessed not to have seen him herself.

"Perhaps I'm just unlucky."Yet clearly Eddy's is already a vanishing presence.

And He Himself is before everything, and everything subsists in Him.: As Christ is the central person of human history, so the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ is history's central event.


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