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Every one of them holds a different riddle, but only one of them holds the Jackpot riddle.At any moment someone in the game could stand up and yell - JACKPOT!

" Geoff Edwards was the MC as a gang of players competed on one crowded stage.

$50,000 was the possible final prize - big money for a game show, even now.

The music for this show was loud Las Vegas lounge with a game show gloss.

High Rollers had the lovely Ruta Lee along as co-host, one of the classiest and most beautiful game show models of all time.

The show's format: a young man or woman questions three members of the opposite sex, hidden from view, to determine which one would be the best date. " a teenage Michael Jackson asked one of his potential dates on a 1972 episode of the show. "We'd go out to dinner, and then I'd go over to your house." Lange was born on Aug. Paul, Minn., where at 15 he discovered a passion for local radio after winning an audition at a local station.


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    Segreto’s field manager, Isai (on the stairs) is not only fabulous at his job, but also has a knack for hanging art with precision!!

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    This is not how Cynthia Bailey imagined single life would be like!

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