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Using a small, flat artist’s paint brush, I painted down each stripe, dabbing the paint into the drop cloth.

I didn’t make a solid paint line, leaving it faded in areas so that it would closely resemble what an old grain sack looks like.

Top of the line, inimitable purveyor of authentically antique, stenciled German grain sack pillows, upholstered furniture, wall hangings, shopping totes and accessories…

Based in Thousand Oaks, California, mother of 3 beautiful daughters who she refers to as her “3 fine grains”, Kymberley Fraser has worked tirelessly to produce the most charming “European Primitive” gifts and keepsakes and indulgences, in addition to more of the outstanding stand-out designs she creates using the very tactile, worn, patched and one of a kind found textile treasures.

Rare German grain sack pillows, in organic hemp linen, were individually marked a century ago, if not more, using a tar based stenciling with last and first names of the owner, his title, the town they lived or worked in and usually the year. The authenticated German grain sacks that Kymberley uses date back nearly a century or more. or hung on a hook on the back door above your muddy Wellies The French pillows like the French postal sacks and french storks are in the $300.00 price range. Antique chair that Kymberley refinished, with a German grain sack seat that features a wreath and a crown and a boot from 1864. Another key to the appeal of these authentic pieces is their durability.


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