Dating habits in peru

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The richness of Latin American culture is the product of many influences, including: Latin America has a very diverse population with many ethnic groups and different ancestries.

Other European languages spoken include Italian in Brazil and Argentina, German in southern Brazil, southern Chile and Argentina, and Welsh in southern Argentina.

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This cultural heritage is (arguably improperly) called Latin or Latino in United States' English. S., and in many languages (especially romance ones) "Latino" just means "Latin", referring to cultures and peoples that can trace their heritage back to the ancient Roman Empire. Spanish is the language in the majority of the countries (See Spanish language in the Americas).

Portuguese is spoken primarily in Brazil (See Brazilian Portuguese), where it is both the official and the national language.

Only in three countries, do the Amerindians make up the majority of the population. In the rest of the continent, most of the Native American descendants are of mixed race ancestry.

In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries there was a flow of Iberian emigrants who left for Latin America.

During their free time, the workers would play cricket, but later, during the long period of US military occupation, cricket would give way to baseball, which rapidly assumed widespread popularity, although cricket remains the favorite in the British Caribbean.