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Nickel has relatively low electrical and thermal conductivities, has strength and toughness at elevated temperatures, is easily shaped into thin wires and flat sheets and is capable of being magnetised.Potash (potassic fertiliser) deposits in Australia mainly occur as potassium chloride, potassium sulphate or potassium-magnesium sulphate in lake deposits but also occur as hard-rock sanidine feldspar deposits.

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Widowed mother of six year old William James Dorsett... Crossing Parallels - IIAuthor: Chiqua CRA, MSR, Summary: Through what they think is a freak accident, Mulder and Scully trade places with Gillian and David. Eloin Author: Annette Gisby MSR/Adventure/Alternate Universe Embracing Author: X-Phan MSR, AU, Summary: X-Files/Kindred: The Embraced crossover, (kinda but NOT REALLY, parts of Kindred's universe are borrowed but none of their specific characters are used) "A choice is made, a gift bestowed, and all that follows after" Embracing the Future Author: X-Phan MSR, AU, Summary: This story is a crossover between the X-Files and the world created by Margaret Atwood in her novel "The Handmaid's Tale." It takes place perhaps six years in the future.

The results will change Mulder and Scully's lives forever. Destiny Author: Donna MSR, RSummary: If it's supposed to happen. In Search of A Cure Author: Marsha Bare-Taylor MSR; AU, C, S, R, HSummary: Mulder travels to the Rain Forest in Africa to meet a doctor working on a cure for cancer which has inflicted his sister after her return from being abducted. If you've seen the movie you will recognize the plot. Simple Choices Author: Donna AU, MSR, M/O, S/O, angst, PG-13Summary: What would bring them together Sisters Remembered Author: Donna AU, MSR, RSummary: While Mulder was profiling, what if Scully was the case?

Cubed Author: Louise Marin MSR, UST, A, Summary: Scully does a little body-swapping of her own. Love, The Missing Word - IAuthor: Sarah Kiley MSR; AU, Angst Summary: World War III Love, The Missing Word - IIAuthor: Sarah Kiley MSR; AU, Angst Summary: World War III Love, The Missing Word - IIIAuthor: Sarah Kiley MSR; AU, Angst Summary: World War III Meetings Author: Donna MSRSummary: What if our pair had stuck to their original job goals? Profezia Author: sitarra MSR, AU, PG-13Summary: `He never knew what a sucker he was for big blue eyes, until he met Dana and the most adorable little girl he'd ever seen, that is.' Quis Si - IAuthor: Trixie MSR; AU; A; S, Summary: --//-- Returnees Author: Donna AU, MSR, angst Summary: What if she'd been taken earlier . Skin Author: Annie Sewell-Jennings AU, MSR, Summary: In a world where Mulder and Scully have never met, fate intervenes and brings two worlds colliding in the city of Charleston, as a vicious murderer reigns and a storm approaches Someone's Wife Author: Donna MSR, angst, AU, S/O, Summary: --//-- Splinters of Rainbow IAuthor: The Pimpernel AU, MSR, SRASummary: An irreverent look at biological imperative and genetic predisposition -- possibly.


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    Loot Crate is a global leader in the fan-commerce with a mission of uniting the world via the shared fandom celebration.

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    One of the biggest problems with nice guys is how annoyed they are with the world. But are you the one stepping aside so a girl can walk past you into the elevator, or are you the nice guy who lies on the ground and lets any girl walk all over you into the elevator because the floor’s dirty? They try too hard to make a good impression, and eventually end up losing all chances of impressing a girl they like because they make it so obvious that they’re trying really hard to please.