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Dating matt damon lyrics

When [artist id="504144"]Shakira[/artist] sat down to write her song "Men in This Town," she wanted to include her pal and former neighbor [movieperson id="14867"]Matt Damon[/movieperson] in the lyrics. Shakira actually sent my wife and I her new [CD] with a sweet note.

The song, about trying to find the right guy in a sea of wrong guys, idealizes Damon as someone she'd like to date but isn't meant to be with. We know her and she's great, and I'm honored to be in one of her lyrics." It's easy for Damon to understand a woman like Shakira.

[both look at the audience] And then sometimes you gotta go back to the well.

Willenholly: I think I would recognize an ape if I saw one, okay?

And the only thing I do recognize right now, is a political fiasco here, that I'm about to avoid by letting this butt-fucking Brady Bunch go. And might I add, that's a fine looking boy you're raising.