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To become a part of planning the celebration, please contact Hector Galvan- [email protected] call 734-936-1055.In July 2017, AGYA Members Bilal Orfali and Kirill Dmitriev brought together academics from different disciplines to discuss the peregrination of the biography of Gautama Buddha in time, space and imagination.Since this bowl was not among the objects unearthed in Nishapur at the time of the Metropolitan Museum excavations, its attribution is based entirely on visual analysis. "Balcony Calligraphy Exhibition," June 1, 2009–October 26, 2009, no catalogue. Archaeologica Orientalia in Memoriam Ernst Herzfeld.

In fact, the inscription suggests that it was probably made for a humbler individual.

Inscriptions such as this one and others on similar vessels constitute the first extant examples of Arabic proverbs and adages to appear in the Islamic world.[1] Many make reference to the social codes and high standards of moral etiquette held by the denizens of Samanid Nishapur at a time when hospitality and generosity were deeply valued.[2] This particular saying belongs to the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad transmitted by ‘Ali.[3] Aphoristic in nature, it advises the owner against harmful or impetuous actions and decisions. Perpetual Glory: Medieval Islamic Ceramics from the Harvey B.

read more To experience the ambiguity of literary texts and the limitations of translatability AGYA members Barbara Winckler and Anis Ben Amor brought together German and Tunisian students in a translation workshop.

read more AGYA members Tamirace Fakhoury and Jenny Oesterle organized the international workshop on ‘Refugee Transfers in the Euro-Arab Mediterranean Zone: Tying the Past with the Present’ at the Lebanese American University (LAU), Byblos.

Our current AGYA Newsletter (2/2017) presents more insights on these and other AGYA projects and events. How do young academics in Arab countries and Germany think about social robots in health care and domestic work?


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